Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Figs For Skin, Hair, And Health

Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Figs For Skin, Hair, And Health

Some fruits are such that they look delicious as fruits, but after drying they prove to be more beneficial for health. Figs are also one of the same fruits. It is eaten in both fruit and dry fruit. It is believed that fig is one of the oldest fruits found on earth. The less we talk about figs, the less we will talk, but through this article, we will try to give as much information about figs. We will not only explain the benefits of figs for health but will also explain how to consume it and in the end, will also talk about its negative aspects.

What are Figs?

In English, it is called Fig, while its scientific name is Ficus carica. It is scientifically believed to be a member of the mulberry family. Its fruit is light yellow in color, while it may be dark golden or purple after ripening.

The bark of the fig tree is smooth and white in color. Its tree grows rapidly in mainly dry and sunny places and the roots are very deep. It can also flourish easily in the hilly region. Its tree height can be up to 9-10 meters. It is believed that a fig tree is around 100 years old. They are found in abundance in the Himalayas and Shivalik areas. People living in Iran, India and Middle-East countries consume it in large quantities.

It is known by various names in local languages ​​such as Ati Pallu in Telugu, Ati Pajam in Tamil and Malayalam, Anjura in Kannada and Dumur in Bengali. While its fruit is available from June to September, it is available in the market throughout the year as a dry fruit. Its test is different and unique. While its outer part is extremely soft, its seeds are mildly crisp inside, which increases its taste manifold. Also, the properties of figs are beneficial in many ways.

Amazing Benefits and Uses Of Figs For Skin, Hair, And Health

Types of Figs

There are mainly five types of figs. Each type has its own distinct taste and sweetness. The different types of figs are as follows:

  • Black Mission: Its color is black or light purple from outside, while it is pink from inside. This fig is not only sweet to eat, but it also contains juice. It can be used to enhance the taste of cake or food.
  • Kadota: This fig is green and has a purple pulp. It is the least sweet of all varieties of figs. It can be eaten raw, but it can also be eaten by heating it and adding a little salt over it.
  • Calimyrna: It is greenish-yellow from outside. Its size is larger than other varieties and its taste is also different.
  • Brown Turkey: The exterior color of this fig is purple and the pulp is red. It tastes lighter and less sweet. It is used to enhance the taste of the salad.
  • Adriatic: Its outer layer is light green and pink inside. Due to its light color, it is also called white fig. It is the sweetest and can be eaten as a fruit.

Benefits of figs for health

Benefits of Figs For Constipation

Consuming figs can relieve constipation and the digestive system starts functioning well. To improve the digestive system, soak two-three figs in water overnight and eat the same morning or next with honey.

Fiber is needed to improve the digestive system and eliminate constipation from the root. An adequate amount of dietary fiber is found in figs. Therefore, when the fig is consumed, its fiber properties can help cleanse the stomach. Feces are easily excreted from the body. Diarrhea can also be cured by taking fig due to fiber. Thus fig is beneficial for the stomach.

Benefits of Figs For the Heart

When the amount of triglyceride (a type of fat) in our body increases, then heart-related diseases start happening. Figs can be consumed to deal with it. Eating figs can reduce the amount of triglyceride in the blood and make the heart function properly. Therefore, figs have many benefits for a healthy heart. To control triglyceride how much quantity of figs should be taken, please ask the doctor once.

Coronary arteries become blocked when free radicals are produced in the body and heart-related illnesses are born. In case, the antioxidant properties present in figs can protect the heart by eliminating free radicals. In addition, figs also contain phenols, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acid properties, which can help keep the heart-healthy.

Benefits of Figs To Reduced Weight

If someone is thinking about losing weight, figs can help. Figs are high in fiber and low in calories. Consuming figs reduces appetite, which helps you avoid overeating. The intake of figs improves the level of metabolism in the body and also reduces excess fat stored in the body. Figs also contain an enzyme called fiction, which helps to digest food properly. When food is digested properly and on time, excess fat is not stored in the body and there is no worry of weight gain.

Fig will be beneficial in reducing weight only when it is eaten in a balanced quantity. Taking it in excess can increase the level of calories and carbs in the body, which can cause weight gain.

Benefits of Figs For Cholesterol

Figs contain a soluble fiber called pectin, which can reduce levels of bad cholesterol from the blood. Also, the fiber properties of figs can clear excess cholesterol from the digestive system. Figs also contain vitamin-B6, which produces serotonin. Serotonin can improve mood by controlling cholesterol levels. Figs also have properties such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and phytosterols, which can work to control cholesterol levels.


Anemia occurs when the body is deficient in iron. If it is not treated in time, then this disease can prove fatal. Dry figs have been considered a major source of iron. Its intake increases hemoglobin levels in the body.

Many women fall prey to anemia at the time of menstruation and during pregnancy. This causes them to face many physical problems. At the same time, if someone is ill or has undergone some kind of surgery, anemia can also occur at that stage. To avoid this, figs should be included in your diet. The intake of figs can increase the amount of iron in the body and the body becomes capable of fighting any kind of disease.


Its leaves along with fig fruit are also good for health. There are many such beneficial elements in fig leaves, which can control the level of glucose in the blood. One study has confirmed that if figs are included in the diet, they can help fight diabetes. Therefore, the benefits of eating figs also include the treatment of diabetes.

To avoid diabetes or reduce its effects, boil four-five leaves of figs in hot water and drink it after boiling. Apart from this, dry fig leaves first and then grind them to powder. After this, put the powder in a liter of water and boil it. Now drink this tea.


What is the importance of fig for health, it seems from this that it is capable of keeping away even a deadly disease like cancer. Fig fruit can help prevent stomach and breast cancer from growing. Figs contain a high amount of fiber, which removes the accumulated dirt in the stomach through the stool. Also, figs contain countless small seeds, in which a large amount of mucin is found. Mucin collects the stomach filth in one place and then expels it.

A study has found that women who consume dietary fiber in excess of adolescence, the risk of breast cancer decreases to a great extent. The high amount of fiber.

For Bones

Figs have been considered the main sources of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. All these qualities are necessary to strengthen the bones of the body. The beneficial elements of figs work effectively on bones, reducing the possibility of their breakage to a great extent. There is no doubt that calcium is necessary for bones. This is why it is advisable to eat figs for the health of bones because calcium is found in plenty in figs.

Excessive use of salt in food can cause urine calcium problems, which can help to deal with the potassium present in figs. Also, it can prevent bones from becoming weak. Thus the benefits of eating figs also include the health of bones. At the moment, further research is needed in this regard.


Fig is also able to protect against asthma. Taking fenugreek powder with honey and figs can cure asthma to a great extent. Asthma patients can also drink fig juice. This may benefit them to some extent. The use of figs provides moisture to the mucous membranes inside the body and clears phlegm, providing some relief to the asthma patient. Figs also contain phytochemical compounds, which fight free radicals. If free radicals remain in the body, it can make asthma more serious.

Blood Pressure

Several scientific research has confirmed that if figs are consumed regularly, blood pressure can be kept balanced. Both the fiber and potassium found in fig can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and keep it balanced. In addition, figs also contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which can help maintain blood pressure balance in the body.


Properties of figs have been considered as the major source of antioxidants. Due to its antioxidant effect, figs protect against many diseases by eliminating free radicals in the body. Phenolic antioxidant properties are also found in figs.

Sexual Power

While the use of figs can cure all kinds of diseases, it can increase fertility and sexual power. The article noted above that figs are fruits rich in calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. It also contains magnesium and essential minerals, which help to produce androgen and estrogen hormones that enhance sexual ability.

However, this has not yet been confirmed scientifically, but on the basis of many personal experiences, it can be said that FIG is capable of removing infertility. When figs are consumed, amino acids are produced, leading to more nitric oxide formation. This causes blood vessels to dilate and the blood flow to all parts of the body, including sexual organs, is accelerated. According to various experiences, if the fig is soaked in milk overnight and eaten the next morning, the sexual ability can be increased.

Sore Throat

The throat often worsens with the changing season. During this time it is common to have a sore throat or pain. If figs are consumed in this condition, some relief from pain and soreness can be found. Figs contain high amounts of mucilage, which can relieve a sore throat. Eating fig fruit can give relief to the throat and drinking its juice can reduce throat pain.

In addition, tonsils can also be cured naturally by the use of figs. It can reduce inflammation of the throat. If figs are made with hot water and applied on the throat, pain can be relieved.

Increased immunity

According to scientific research, if our immunity is not good, then many diseases surround our bodies. At the same time, Ayurveda says that if the body’s immunity is to be improved, then fig must be consumed. Figs contain many essential ingredients such as potassium and antioxidants, which can improve immunity. Therefore, it is better to take fig extracts every day than to take any medicine to improve immunity. Now how much amount of extract should be taken daily, only doctors or dieticians can better tell it.

Source of Energy

The body needs energy for a day’s run. To maintain this energy, it is necessary to include figs in the diet along with food. Consumption of figs increases energy levels. Figs contain carbohydrates and sugar, which can increase energy in the body manifold. The benefits of eating figs also include better energy levels.

Benefits and Uses Of FIg

Skin Benefits of Figs

Prevent Wrinkles

The untimely wrinkles on the face prove to be a stain on beauty. Figs can be used to avoid this. Several types of research have found that fig juice has antioxidant and anti-collagenous properties, which are capable of reducing wrinkle effects.

Another scientific study has also found that fig fruit juice can lower skin melanin and sebum (a type of oil released from the body). It also keeps the skin hydrated. Therefore, figs can be used as a treatment for hyperpigmentation, pimples, and wrinkles.

How to use: First of all soak two figs in water for some time. After this, grind the figs and add a few drops of almond oil to it and mix it well to make a paste. Then clean the face with water and apply this paste. When the paste dries, wash it with water.

For Boils and Growths

You can also apply figs directly on the face. This can cure sudden boils and pimples on the face. According to research, the fig tree has latex properties, which act like proteolytic activity. Although it has not been confirmed scientifically, it is believed that fig fruit can cure warts due to this latex property.

How to use: Make a paste by grinding fresh figs and then apply it on the wart and leave it for about 30 minutes. After this, wash the face with lukewarm water.

Freshness Occurs

There is no doubt that figs are beneficial for health as well as skin. Whether it is eaten or as a mask, it is applied on the face. Applying it on the face makes the skin glowy and full of freshness. The method of preparing fig masks is described below.

How to use: Take one big or two small figs. Now cut the figs in the middle and grind them well to make a paste. Then mix one spoon of honey or yogurt in it. Now apply this mask on your face and leave it for five minutes. After that wash face with water.

Keep Skin Soft

Figs are rich in vitamin C. It also contains antioxidants, which help soften the skin.

How to use: Grind five figs and make a paste. Now add one teaspoon of oatmeal powder, one teaspoon of milk and half teaspoon of dry ginger powder, mix and make a paste. Now apply this paste on the face twice a week, so that your skin becomes soft and shiny.

Next, we are showing how figs work in keeping hair healthy.

Hair Benefits of Figs

Hair Growth

It often starts due to a lack of nutrients. Figs have properties like magnesium and vitamins C and E, which are necessary for hair growth. With the use of figs, the blood flows in the scalp at a faster rate, which helps the hair to grow.

How to use: Mix two spoons of gram flour in two spoons of curd and prepare a paste. Mix 10 drops of fig oil in this paste. Now apply this paste on your entire hair and leave it for an hour. After this wash the hair with a good shampoo. This will make the hair long, thick and strong.

Shine in Hair

Figs can be beneficial in strengthening hair as well as bringing shine to them. These days there are many hair conditioners in the market in which figs are being used. Fig juice works to retain moisture in the scalp and that too without any side effects.

How to use: Put five to seven drops of fig oil in your conditioner and mix it well. After shampooing, apply this conditioner on the hair and leave it for five-seven minutes and then wash the hair with cold water.

Benefits and Uses Of Fig

How to Use Figs

As we told at the beginning of this article, figs can be eaten either as a fruit or after drying.

By the way, eating fig fruit is best for health. Figs can be eaten in different ways as described here:

  • It is important to wash the figs thoroughly before eating. Then you can either eat it just like that or peel it off.
  • Dry figs are hot, so wash it and soak it in water overnight and consume it on an empty stomach the next morning. You can drink the water in which it was soaked.
  • Dry figs are easy to take with you anywhere. So, if you are going on a trip, you can take the figs with you. One does not feel hungry due to its consumption and the other one remains energy.
  • You can also eat it by adding it to sandwiches or salads. This will not only increase the taste of sandwiches and salads but will also give you the necessary nutrients.
  • You can also eat fresh fig fruit by garnishing it on top of a cake or ice cream.
  • You can also eat figs by mixing them in your food. Mixing it will not spoil the taste of the food at all, but will increase it.
  • Dry figs contain more sugar than fresh ones. Therefore, if you make a sweet dish at home, you can use it instead of sugar. This will not only increase the taste of the sweet dish, but it will also provide the necessary nutrients by eating it.
  • Figs are used in baking. Figs can be used while making cakes, puddings, and jams, etc.
  • Dry figs can also be used when making muesli bars and porridge.
  • You can also add dry figs to the soup. Also, it can also be used to enhance taste while making meats. Fig paste can be used instead of sugar at various places.

Side Effects of Figs

It is well known that figs are hot. Therefore, eating figs in excess of the prescribed quantity can also cause harm, which is as follows:

  • Eating two to three dry figs daily is sufficient. It should be soaked in water overnight and eaten the next morning. If the fig is eaten without soaking or more than is necessary, the body may get heat and blood may come from the nose.
  • Figs are high in fiber, so eating too much can cause diarrhea.
  • Eating more figs can cause pain in the intestines and stomach.
  • Figs work as a kind of natural sugar. If eaten too much, the teeth can rot. Diabetes patients should also ask the doctor once before eating it.
  • Some people may also be allergic to eating figs, so ask your doctor once before eating it.
  • Eating more figs can increase weight loss


Fig is a precious gift of nature, which will be beneficial only if it is consumed in moderation regularly. Of course, you must have read or heard about figs many times before, but we hope that the information given in this article along with the facts will definitely work for you. If you use figs in the ways described here, you may benefit. Figs have both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before consuming figs, please ask your doctor once and also know how you should consume it. Do not forget to share your experiences with us in the comment box below.

Be healthy, Be happy

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