Benefit Of Beer and Their Side Effects

Benefits Of Beer And Their Side Effects

Incomplete information about anything removes us from its benefits. We only keep looking at his loss and remain ignorant of the qualities. Similar incomplete information is also about beer. Beer can prove beneficial for our health as well as skin and hair. There is no doubt that alcohol is harmful to health, but in some circumstances, doctors also recommend taking a certain amount of beer. According to research, consuming up to 350 ml of beer per day is considered healthy. Here in this article, we learn about the benefits of beer and its side effects.

Benefit Of Beer and Their Side Effects

Health Benefits Of Beer

Here are the health benefits of beer.

Benefits Of drinking beer for kidney

Beer has been considered the best diuretic. Its limited intake can benefit the kidney. It can easily work to remove the stones present in the kidney through the urine. You can use it on a doctor’s advice to remove kidney stones.

Keep the brain healthy

 We all know that with increasing age, brain functioning starts decreasing, which can also have an effect on memory power. Here the benefits of beer can be seen, as it contains compounds called silicon and hops, which can work to prevent brain disorders. Therefore, consuming a fixed amount of beer can serve to relieve memory problems and the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Also, vitamin B found in it can work to keep the brain healthy.

Benefits of drinking beer for a healthy heart

 A limited amount of beer may be beneficial for the heart and blood vessels due to alcohol. According to scientific evidence, consuming 15-30 grams of alcohol daily can reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 25 percent. In addition, the consumption of beer can also reduce the possibility of blood clots.

Strengthen bones

Consuming a limited amount of beer can strengthen your bones. Actually, a good amount of compound called silicon is found in beer. Silicon helps to strengthen the bones by removing problems. Osteoporosis can also be overcome by its use. At the moment, further research is needed on this.

Effective in reducing the risk of cancer

It is not that the consumption of beer always hurts. Consuming a small amount of beer may also provide medicinal properties. It has many properties that can reduce the risk of colon cancer and prostate cancer.

Vitamin B

Beer is also beneficial for your health from the point of view that it contains vitamin B. Vitamin-B is beneficial for your health. It is important for metabolism. It also helps in making red blood cells and keeping the central nervous system healthy. In addition, it is also beneficial for brain health. Keep in mind that you have to take a limited amount of beer.

Benefits of beer in diabetes

You will be surprised to know that consuming small amounts of beer can control your diabetes because some amount of alcohol is found in it. Consuming a small amount of beer maintains the level of glucose present in your blood. Increasing diabetes can be controlled by this, but keep in mind that drinking beer in excess can complicate the condition of diabetes.

Benefits of drinking beer for a long and healthy lifestyle

Consuming a limited amount of beer can be beneficial for your health and long life. It helps protect you from many types of diseases as well as cure lipid metabolism and reduce cardiovascular risk. In addition, along with eliminating oxidative stress, it may also be effective in controlling obesity and diabetes, which are essential for a long life and a healthy lifestyle.

Control blood pressure

Did you know that drinking beer can control your blood pressure? Yes, consuming a small amount of beer may be effective in controlling your blood pressure. A compound called polyphenolic found in it may be helpful in controlling blood pressure.

Benefits of beer for Alzheimer’s prevention

Beer intake plays an important role in dealing with many brain problems. Compounds, such as silicon and hops, are found in beer, which can protect against brain disorders and Alzheimer’s. Its intake reduces the risk of many diseases including neurodegenerative disorders (damaging the central nervous system).


Beer intake can increase your good cholesterol. The alcohol and polyphenolic found in it help to increase good cholesterol by reducing harmful cholesterol in the blood. It also prevents blood clots from forming.

Benefits of Beer for Skin

Beer can be very beneficial for your skin. The hops and yeast present in it may be beneficial for skin health and healing of wounds.

For hair growth

You can also use beer for hair growth. It contains a good amount of Vitamin-B. Vitamin-B is necessary for the formation of red blood cells, which act as oxygen to the body, including hair. Without blood flow and oxygen, hair falls and their growth is very slow.

Note: Undrugs does not in any way support drinking beer for physical problems.

How to drink beer

About 350 ml of beer contains up to 5 percent alcohol. You can consume it up to 350 ml per day. You can eat it by mixing it with fruit juice.

Side Effects of Beer

A limited amount of beer can be beneficial for you. At the same time, excessive drinking can lead to many disadvantages instead of benefits, which are as follows:

  • Alcohol is found in beer. Drinking more beer will cause more alcohol to reach the body and affect brain function, you can go into a coma and in severe cases even death.
  • Consuming alcohol in excess in the form of beer can also put you at risk of diabetes
  • Consumption of alcohol in the form of beer in pregnancy can cause mental and physical harm to the pregnant and fetus. These include heart disease, problems with thinking and speaking, poor muscles and changes in facial shape.
  • Consuming more beer may increase the risk of cancer, stroke and liver problems.

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