Benefits Of Fasting & Their Side Effects

Helpful Benefits Of Fasting & Their Side Effects

You must have kept fast at a while, but does one know the scientific significance of fasting? does one skill fasting benefit your health? in fact, fasting in India is related to religion and faith, but aside from religious significance, the benefits of fasting also are associated with health.

Benefits Of Fasting & Their Side Effects

What is Fast?

First of all, know what is fasting? If we talk about the definition of fasting, then it can vary from person to person. Usually, during fasting, a person sacrifices completely or some special food and drink, etc. for a specified time. Sometimes people take water, fruits or just juice during the fast. The duration of the fast can be a day, a week or even more. As we mentioned above, fasting is not only associated with reverence and devotion, but its health benefits are many, about which we will explain in the latter part of the article.

Types of Fasting

If you talk about the type of fasting, then it may be different for each person. If seen, there are many types of fasting, some of which we are giving you information below.

Morning fast – In this fast, only twice a day meal is eaten except breakfast.
Evening fast – It is not eaten at night, but only once in the whole day.
Fasting of juice– This person does not consume solid or heavy substances. In this, the person consumes only fruit juice.

Dieting fast

Dieting fast – In this, the person consumes only fruits.
Fasting of water – In this fast the person cannot eat anything, he can only drink water. It is called Purnopavasa and fasting fast.
Fasting of milk – In this fast, the person can drink only milk.

Fasting – Nirjala fasting – This fast is very difficult, because there is neither food nor drink in it.
Diagnostic Fast – In this, if the person is going to do some kind of medical test and needs to remain empty stomach in that test, then it is also a kind of fast. In this, until the test is done, the person remains without eating or drinking, or until the person is asked to eat and drink, he does not eat.
Weekly fasting – Some people fast on a particular day every week. It is up to the person to drink water or eat flour during that fast. Be careful not to eat salty foods during this time.

Intermittent Fasting – The fast is quite popular nowadays. This fast is done to lose weight. One time or pattern of eating is changed. In this, a person can fast for one or two days or can stop eating one time or eat less. At the time you are keeping this fast, at that time you cannot eat some solid foods, yes, but you can consume beverages like – juice, coffee, tea, and water.

So there were only a few types of fasting. Apart from this, there are other types of fasting in which a person does not consume sugar or sugar-rich foods. Some fasts are those in which the person stops eating high-calorie foods. How to fast, it completely depends on the capacity of the person and his body.

Benefits Of Fasting & Their Side Effects

Benefits of Fasting

The benefits of fasting are not just the happiness and peace of your home, but also for your health. Below we are giving you information about the same.

Fasting helps the body to get Detoxified

Many times food or more oil-spicy foods cause toxic substances to accumulate in the body. This causes not only stomach problems but also many other problems such as skin problems. In such a situation, it is necessary to remove these toxic elements from the body. In this situation, if a fast is observed, which includes pure beverages like fruit juice, lassi and buttermilk instead of eating foods, the body can be properly detoxified, which can also relieve skin problems.

Benefits Of Fasting To Lose Weight

Obesity is the problem of more than half of the people. In such a situation, if it is not taken care of in time, it can cause many physical problems. Well, fasting can be a good way to lose weight. Intermittent fasting is very popular nowadays. We have explained this above. This fast can prove to be very helpful in losing weight. There are some changes in this fast, like – people stay in fast for a few hours, they consume beverages instead of solids. This type of fasting changes in eating time and pattern. This fast can prove to be very helpful in losing weight.

Benefits of fasting for the digestive system

Most people are troubled by the problem of not digesting food properly. In this case, fasting can also be beneficial for your digestive system. By fasting the body’s own healing systems start functioning properly, due to which the body starts fighting itself on its own. According to research, 62.33% of people did not have indigestion problems during fasting, while 27% of people got indigestion problems. So you can fast to relax your digestive system.

Benefits Of Fasting for Blood Pressure

As the problem of obesity increases, so do other physical problems and hypertension is one of them. Blood pressure problems can be heard in many people nowadays. In such a situation, if it is not taken care of in time, it can also cause many heart-related problems. You will be surprised to know that fasting can provide relief to a large extent from the problem of high blood pressure. As we told you above about intermittent fasting, which usually recommends 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating, can prove to be quite beneficial. Many physical problems can be relieved by this fast, of which high blood pressure is also one. By doing this fast properly, the problem of hypertension can be reduced to a great extent and the person’s blood pressure can be controlled.

Fasting to lower cholesterol

As we have told you above that nowadays there is a trend of intermittent fasting. This fast is helping people to lose weight a lot Now when obesity or weight loss will occur, the risk of many diseases can also be reduced. In such a situation, cholesterol also sometimes becomes a cause for concern. Its increase can also lead to heart problems and other health-related problems. In this case, total cholesterol can be controlled by fasting. During fasting, there may be an increase in HDL. However, further research is needed on this, but we can assume that at least fasting can help to slightly reduce harmful cholesterol (LDL).

Fasting for the Skin

Many times, not only cream and cosmetics but also the effect of food and drink starts on the skin. The effect of consuming too much oil and spices or external food starts appearing on the skin and face, resulting in nail-pimples and stains. In this case, fasting can be very beneficial. We have already told you above that keeping fast can help the body to get detoxified. When the body detoxifies, the toxins present in the body will come out, which will give a new glow to the skin and make the skin look beautiful. In addition, consuming fruits and pure-natural beverages during fasting can play a beneficial role in skin health.

Fasting for mental and emotional benefits

Fasting affects not just physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. It improve concentration, helps to concentrate on any task, anxiety-stress and insomnia can overcome problems.

What to eat on fast

If we talk about food, it depends on what type of fast the person is fasting. Below we are talking about some foods that can be consumed during fasting. With these, your body will be able to get sufficient nutrients, which can reduce the risk of any kind of discomfort during fasting.

  • You are fasting for the first time, you can start with a partial fast. It has to be kept away from certain types of foods for a specified time. During this time fruits, fruit juices or light foods can be consumed, such as:
  • Do not eat fried foods during fasting.
  • Eat juicy fruits.
  • Dry fruits can be consumed.
  • Milk can be consumed.
  • Fruit juice can be consumed.
  • If you are not eating salt, you can cook green vegetables without salt.
  • If you are not fasting, you can include milk in your diet. you do not like milk, you can have tea or coffee. Keep in mind that if you have problems with acidity or gas, avoid drinking tea or coffee on an empty stomach.
  • Note: The foods mentioned above are intended as a substitute for a fasting person. The person can change these according to the type of fast.
Benefits Of Fasting & Their Side Effects

Avoiding fast

  • Before fasting, prepare yourself physically and mentally. There is a great difference between fasting and religious fasting done to lose weight. For both types of fasting, you prepare your mind and body in advance and decide in advance for what reason or for what goal you are fasting. During many religious fasts, some daily routine tasks also have to be changed, so be prepared for that as well.
  • If you are fasting for the first time, start with a short or short-time fast. Avoid fasting for long or long periods.
  • Eat right and nutritious food before fasting, so that you do not have any problem during fasting. Keep in mind that you should avoid overeating at one time.
  • Avoid exercising too hard or for long periods of time during fasting, because your body needs energy during this time and exercising can cause a lack of energy in your body. This can also make you feel tired and weak.
  • If you have health problems or are taking any medicines, do not fast.
  • During fasting, take a nutritious diet, such as fruits, fruit juice, milk, etc.
  • After fasting, obviously there can be more hunger. In such a situation, do not eat some heavy food or overeating while breaking the fast or immediately after the fast is over. Eat a nutritious diet in balanced amounts.

Side Effect Of Fasting

  • If you do not eat the right nutritious foods during fasting, you may have health problems like dehydration, dizziness, and weakness.
  • If you fast for a long period, you may also have anemia.
  • Eating immediately after fasting can also cause stomach problems.
  • Some people may also complain of irritability or anger due to being hungry.
  • Being hungry for too long can cause headaches and body problems.

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