Benefits Of Shilajit Uses & Their Side Effect

Benefits Of Shilajit, Uses, & Their Side Effect

Shilajit is a special mineral substance found in the Himalayan region. It is believed to be rich in medicinal properties and can help prevent many physical problems and reduce their effects. Here we know about the benefits of Shilajit.

Benefits Of Shilajit  Uses & Their Side Effect

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a natural mineral substance. It is mainly found in the Himalayan mountain regions. It is produced naturally on its own, but it takes thousands of years to build.

Researchers believe that it is prepared after the decomposition of plant species such as Euphorbia, Railliana and Trifolia repens. On this basis, Shilajit is also considered as the precious product of nature. It is viscous and has a pure smell like cow urine.

Health Benefits of Shilajit

Benefits of Shilajit For High blood pressure problem

A person suffering from high blood pressure problems can get the benefits of Shilajit. Actually, potassium is found in Shilajit.

According to scientific studies conducted by experts, it has been reported that potassium intake may reduce the risk of blood pressure. Thus it can be said that Shilajit can help you get rid of the problem of high blood pressure.

Benefits of Shilajit For Treatment of Arthritis

If someone is troubled by the problem of Arthritis, then the use of Shilajit can be beneficial for them. Arthritis is a disease of pain and inflammation, which engulfs the joint parts of the body and the sufferer has to go through the problem of swelling and pain.

At the same time, Shilajit has anti-inflammatory properties in the form of fulvic acid. Anti-inflammatory properties can relieve you from pain and inflammation in arthritis.

Benefits of Shilajit For Treatment of diabetes

Shilajit can also be used to avoid diabetes. Actually, Shilajit has anti-diabetic properties. It helps in improving blood glucose levels. Therefore, the intake of Shilajit may prove to be CEF. At the same time, if someone has diabetes, then his symptoms can be reduced by using Shilajit.

Benefits of Shilajit For Balance Cholesterol

Shilajit can also be used to avoid cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found in all cells of your body. Shilajit has the effective properties of lowering the level of serum cholesterol. Therefore, if you want to avoid cholesterol, you can include Shilajit in your diet on the advice of a doctor.

In Alzheimer’s Condition

Brain function does not function properly in Alzheimer’s disease, which affects your memory, thinking, and behavior. The use of Shilajit can be beneficial to avoid this situation.

Actually, fulvic acid found in Shilajit has the ability to enhance memory capacity, which can be beneficial in Alzheimer’s condition. In addition, fulvic acid has anti-aggregation (a therapeutic property) property, which can be used in treating Alzheimer’s.

For Cardiovascular Health

If the method of eating Shilajit is used correctly, it can also help in keeping the heart-healthy. Shilajit contains antioxidants. Scientific research has shown that the intake of antioxidant-rich foods protects against cancer and heart disease along with reducing oxidative stress.


In the case of anemia, there is also a lack of red blood cells in the blood, as well as a sufficient amount of oxygen does not reach all parts of the body with the blood.

Such a situation, this disease can be avoided through Shilajit. Shilajit has iron content, which does not allow anemia to occur and can work effectively in treating symptoms if someone has anemia.


Consumption of Shilajit can strengthen the immune system and relieve fatigue. This can make you feel healthy and fresh all the time. At the moment, it is difficult to say what qualities are there in Shilajit, which always keeps us healthy. Scientists are still doing research in this regard.

Infertility and Testosterone

Shilajit can also be consumed to avoid the problem of infertility. Actually, Shilajit has active androgenic (hormone – a hormone) properties, which can help you increase fertility as opposed to infertility caused by cadmium (Cadmium – a chemical element)

Testosterone is a combination hormone related to sexual function. A scientific study by Huntington College of Health Sciences has shown that Shilajit actively works to accelerate sperm activity by increasing oxidative stress and increasing testosterone and sperm count.

Urinary problems

The benefits of Shilajit can prove beneficial in removing urinary problems. Actually, fulvic acid content is found in Shilajit. This acid can help protect you from urinary problems.

To sharpen the mind

The mind can be sharpened by using the right way of eating Shilajit. Indeed, Shilajit can enhance the functionality of the brain by acting effectively on the symptoms of Cognitive Disorders. At the same time, regular consumption of it can speed up brain function.

As for anti-aging

In today’s time, everyone wants to look young and young. Here Shilajit may prove to be a better option. Actually, Shilajit has anti-aging properties. It can reduce the effect of increasing age on the body to some extent. This can help prevent cells from becoming weak and protect them.

Benefits Of Shilajit  Uses & Their Side Effect

Use Of Shilajit

  • Shilajit powder can be consumed along with cardamom seeds and honey.
  • It can also be consumed with ghee or butter.
  • Shilajit can also be consumed with milk.
  • It can also be consumed with coconut oil.
  • When to eat: Shilajit can be consumed at night before bedtime and before exercising
  • Eat-in moderation: 300-500 mg of Shilajit can be used daily for better health. This quantity of Shilajit can be more or less according to the physical capacity of each person. Your doctor can tell you better about this.

Side effects of Shilajit

  • The effect of Shilajit is hot, due to which excessive consumption can cause you a headache.
  • If Shilajit is consumed in an impure form, it can also cause your intoxication, as it contains mycotoxins (a toxic substance produced by fungus) and free radicals, etc.

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