Best Way to Quit Smoking

Best Ways To Quit Smoking

If you smoke, when you take a cigarette out of the box, when you look at the picture on it, then I would definitely think that ‘I will quit’, but after that, you will forget. When no-smoking in a cinema hall or on a television ad would hear, “Cigarettes freeze the tar in your lungs …” you must be thinking, but still not able to give up cigarettes.

Best Way to Quit Smoking

We will tell you today the best ways to quit cigarettes, which you can increase your life by following, get rid of cancer and do something good for your family. But before that, we would like to tell you why people start smoking cigarettes.

First, more and more youth start smoking cigarettes.
For fun, then, later on, the same fun becomes an addiction. Many people start smoking cigarettes inspired by other people and there are many people who have misconceptions that cigarette smoking reduces tension.

Cigarette cancer is not giving people anything except death. We would not like to give lectures by giving statistics here, because the death figures only confirm, we are writing this article to give life not death.

Ask yourself while buying cigarettes.

  1. If you are a student, ask yourself – Am I buying death from my parents’ earnings?
  2. Worker or seller can ask – am I earning for this?
  3. Husband can ask – if I die early, will my wife be able to live without me?
  4. Father can ask, what can I buy for my children in exchange for this cigarette?

Tell people around you

If you have made up your mind to quit cigarettes, then tell people around you that you are going to quit cigarettes. Especially women working in the workplace.

Don’t keep chillers in your pocket

If you are going to give up cigarettes, first stop buying the whole packet. Obviously, you will feel like smoking a cigarette as soon as you go out.

If you have chillers in your pocket, you will immediately go to the store and buy cigarettes. So if you keep 100 or 500 notes in your pocket for a few days, then you will think ten times before buying 7 rupees cigarettes. The shopkeeper may refuse you.

Read successful people stories

All successful people who used to smoke cigarettes, later quit. Read his success story and see what changes in his life after quitting cigarettes.

Do not quit in a day.

If you are going to quit cigarettes, quit slowly. It never leaves its habit in a day. If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, reduce it to 8 for one week, then 6, then 4, 2, 1 and then zero the next week.

Keep fasting

All people in India ask for vow and keep fast for it. If you really want to quit cigarettes, ask for a vow and take a pledge in front of God that you will not smoke cigarettes until your vow is fulfilled. The vow should be such that it is most important in your life. Then you will see a big difference in your life. And even after the vow is complete, you will not have the desire to smoke cigarettes. This fast should be at least 6 months old.

After quitting cigarettes, tell the people about any good work in your life. Watch out for the difference in your health.

Give up alcohol

If you drink alcohol, then reduce it too, because after drinking alcohol there is definitely a need to smoke cigarettes.

Make a money box

whenever you want to smoke cigarettes, as much as you have cigarettes, put as much money in that box. Then at the end of the month, buy your favorite item with that money. If you buy a gift for your boyfriend, wife or children with that money, then you will get amazing. Yes, you can also donate this money to any needy.

Throw Ashtrays and Lighters

Throw the ashtrays and lighters just before leaving the cigarette. Because as long as he is with you, your mind will definitely be impatient.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Smoking is popular worldwide and many people are also slaves to this habit. But if you smoke and are thinking about quitting then do you know that your body starts thanking you within the first 20 minutes after quitting this habit. Yes, cigarette smoke contains 200 types of harmful substances. But if the cigarette is dropped, then the human body starts recovering from it. Perhaps you are not convinced, then let us know what changes happen in the body after quitting smoking.

After 20 minutes of smoking cigarettes

After 20 minutes of cigarette smoking, blood pressure and heartbeat begin to return to normal. Both of these increase due to nicotine while smoking cigarettes.

After half a day

Half a day after quitting cigarettes, CO (carbon monoxide) in your blood returns to normal and oxygen in the blood also increases. This makes you feel stronger and alert.

A day later

Your body starts repairing the damage from smoking, and the risk of heart attack starts to decrease.

After 2 days

Damaged nerves from smoke poisoning begin to improve again and your taste and sense of smell return to normal.

After 3 months

The cardiovascular system starts to improve massively and the phlegm decreases very much so that you can walk and exercise comfortably.

After 3-9 months

Smoking our cigarettes affects our lungs the most and smoke starts to set in them, harmful substances start coming out of the lungs after 3-9 months of quitting cigarettes. And the tiredness and shortness of breath from smoking also goes away.

5 years later

Five years after quitting cigarettes, blood circulation works well. The risk of stroke in the body is also reduced. Your nervousness and immunity also increase to a large extent.

10 years later

10 years after quitting cigarettes, your body’s risk of lung cancer decreases. The risk of lung cancer is half that of a cigarette smoker.

15 years later

15 years after quitting cigarettes, heart-related diseases and illnesses such as heart attacks and heart disease risk and the chances of developing cancer become like a nonsmoker. During this time, the body is fully recovered from the smoke.

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