Benefits Of Calcium-Rich Foods and Their Side Effects

Benefits Of Calcium-Rich Foods and Their Side Effects

Nutritional elements play a special role in the better health of every person. If there is a deficiency of any nutritional element in the body, then many health problems can be faced. Calcium is also an essential nutrient. Lack of calcium in the body directly affects the bones. The deficiency of calcium causes bones to weaken. In such a situation, it is important to include the appropriate amount of calcium in your diet. In particular, women must include calcium-rich foods in their diet.

What is calcium?

Like micronutrients like iron and vitamin D, calcium is also an essential mineral found in our bodies. It is necessary for the bones and muscles of the body. At the same time, it also helps the nervous system to function properly.

Benefits Of Calcium-Rich Foods and Their  Side Effects

Calcium has an important role in the body.

  • Calcium keeps your teeth and bones strong. Sometimes pain in the knees and joints can be a symptom of calcium deficiency.
  • It helps in the smooth functioning of blood throughout your body.
  • Calcium also helps to maintain muscle.
  • Helps the endocrine system (endocrine system) to function properly.
  • Reduces many types of risk of pregnancy.
  • It helps in keeping hormones and enzymes active.
  • It helps in keeping the weight balanced

Green Vegetables

You will get plenty of calcium in green vegetables. Green vegetables like spinach, peppermint, banana, and broccoli are also found in calcium along with iron and vitamins.

Legumes and Lentils

Beans and pulses are also found in the source of calcium. Beans and pulses are excellent sources of calcium, protein, iron, zinc, potassium, folate, magnesium, and fiber.

Brassica Vegetables

These vegetables are rich in calcium. You can include them in your food by adopting different methods.

Dry Fruits

Sources of calcium can also include dry fruits. Dry fruits are very beneficial for health. This is why doctors also recommend their intake. It is rich in nutritional content.

Orange and Tangerine

Oranges and tangerines are as tasty in taste as they are full of nutritional elements. It contains vitamin-C as well as calcium. A cup (200 grams) of peeled oranges and tangerine contains about 72.2 mg of calcium.


Who does not like the taste of berries? They are as good in taste as nutritious elements are found in them.


Not only fruits, but some seeds are also found to be rich in calcium. You can also use these seeds in milk or by garnishing them on a dish.


Milk is considered a complete diet, as it is full of nutrients. At the same time, talk of calcium, then the name of milk comes first. About 276mg of calcium is found in one cup of milk. You will find many types of milk in the market, such as:
Non-Soya Milk – About 200mg of calcium is found in one cup of milk.
Low Fat Protein Fortified Milk – About 349 mg of calcium is found in one cup of milk.


Along with protein and vitamins, calcium is also found in plenty of cheese. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 100 varieties of cheese in the market.


Yogurt’s name is far ahead in calcium-rich food. Yogurt contains vitamin-A, vitamin-C, protein, potassium, phosphorus and good fat. 296 mg of calcium is found in 250 grams of yogurt.

Eggs, Meats, and Seafood

Eggs, meats, and seafood contain many nutrients along with calcium, which is essential for your health.

Benefits Of Calcium-Rich Foods and Their  Side Effects

Calcium Supplement

  • Calcium Carbonate: These are available in capsule or tablet form from medical stores.
  • Citrate: It is a slightly expensive source of calcium.
  • Other sources: Along with multivitamins, gluconate, calcium lactate, phosphate, calcium acetate, citrate, trickle phosphate, and lactogluconate, etc. are available.
Benefits Of Calcium-Rich Foods and Their  Side Effects

Side Effects of high calcium levels in the body

  • Excess of calcium can cause constipation.
  • Excess of calcium may increase the risk of kidney stones.
  • An abundance of calcium may reduce the effectiveness of thyroid medication and certain antibiotics.
  • Some analysis has also revealed that excess calcium can increase the risk of prostate cancer and heart disease.

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