Sunburn Treatment & Home Remedies: How To Relieve

Sunburn Treatment & Home Remedies: How To Relieve

The summer season is in full swing. In some cities of India, even the mercury is going to reach around 50 degrees. In such a season, skincare for all of us becomes not only difficult but also challenging. These days, if you have to spend an hour in the sun, then the skin is in a bad condition. Staying outside for a while not only causes inflammation but also sunburn also tanning in the skin.

We all know that sunburn really damages the skin. But there is no need to panic from them at all. I will give information about the damage caused by sunburn and home remedies to compensate for the loss due to sunburn.

Sunburn is actually a reaction from strong sunlight and too many ultraviolet rays falling on the body. Sunburn refers to damage from sunlight and UV rays. The skin of the body becomes red or black due to sunburn. Sunburn can sometimes cause problems such as burning, swelling, and itching.

How Does Sunburn Occur?

In the sun or in UV radiation, the defense mechanism of the body is activated automatically after being out for a total of 10 minutes. The first symptom of sunburn is the redness of the skin. This is actually the body’s own way of protecting the skin from sun damage. As soon as damage is done, the body starts repairing the skin. As a result, the blood veins widen and spread.

After this, the skin starts losing moisture and water rapidly. Due to this, there may be a complaint about the feeling of stretch in the skin. In a short time, the skin cells start coming closer and the production of melanin starts. This process is done to prevent ultraviolet rays from going deeper inside the skin.

By the way, ultraviolet rays can also damage the DNA of skin cells. If this condition persists for a long time, then the risk of skin cancer increases in the patient.

Home Remedies

Sunburn Treatment & Home Remedies: How To Relieve

Aloe Vera

By the way, there is a lot of after sun lotion in the market these days. All of this helps compensate for skin irritation and damage from UV rays according to skin type. But can there be any medicine that will not only benefit every skin type after sunburn but also give relief?

So the answer is yes. Aloe vera gel contains naturally occurring ingredients that not only relieve irritation but also help to compensate for skin damage. But scholars still differ on the effect of aloe vera gel to compensate for the damage done to skin cells due to sunburn.

Calm Down Irritated Skin

Keeping the skin cool when sun damage in the sun can really help a lot. It can also help in relieving irritation and itching. The most accurate way to keep the affected skin cool is to apply ice packs.

Applying ice packs, taking a shower with cold water, or taking a bath in ice helps relieve the skin. But in this work also it is necessary to be very careful.
Snow should never be applied directly to the skin. This can damage the skin and increase the pain. Always apply ice on the skin after wrapping it in a thick cloth.


You may find it strange to hear, but this is absolutely true. Sunburn can be easily cured with the use of yogurt, but curd is not to be eaten but to be applied.

Applying curd on sun-scorched skin can be easily relieved. However, scientists have not yet reached the conclusion that why this happens? But most scientists believe that this is due to the high pH level of yogurt. That is why it helps in curing heat and irritation easily.

Sunburn Treatment & Home Remedies: How To Relieve


The remedy that has been ignored the most to overcome the problem of sunburn is ‘tea’. You do not need to drink tea once again. But you need to apply cold tea bags or fresh boiled and cold tea.

The tannic acid present in black tea reduces the heat in scorching skin from strong sunlight. It balances the pH level of the skin and helps in healing it.

Drink Plenty of Water

You are also dehydrated when you are battling sunburn. So it is really important that if you are sweating, then you drink water too fiercely. A lot of water comes out of the body with sweat.

When there is a lack of water in the body, then there is a problem of skin irritation and inflammation. Apart from this, drinking cold water also helps in reducing body temperature.

Sunburn Treatment & Home Remedies: How To Relieve


Cold milk not only looks great to drink but also helps in curing your sunburn. Milk is rich in vitamins A and D, amino acids, lactic acid, fats and whey, and casein proteins.

These are all the ingredients that help in recovering the skin. For example, vitamins help in healing the skin, while lactic acid helps in removing dead skin cells.

Due to this, our body’s immune system does not have to work hard to compensate for the damage done to the skin. If our immune system does not have to work very hard, then there is no irritation or reduction.

All you have to do is put the raw milk in a vessel and leave it to cool in the fridge. After this, apply cold milk on the skin with sunburn using cotton swabs.


If your sunburn is really too much and you feel unbearable burning sensation or pain. It is possible that at times you have to face very difficult to deal with it.

You can also take medicines after taking advice from a doctor to deal with this difficulty. In most cases, doctors recommend the use of ibuprofen and paracetamol. But never use these medicines without consulting the doctor.


There are many such creams in the market that can give relief to your skin from sunburn. Hydrocortisone creams work very well in these problems. They also help reduce itching, swelling and burning.

But these medicines do not help to compensate for the damage done to the cells under your skin. We recommend never using these medicines without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.


During facials, slices of cucumbers are placed on closed eyes to cool the eyes. When it can cool the eyes, why can’t it be used on sunburn?

It is believed that natural anti-oxidants are found in cucumbers which help in relieving skin irritation. Then, whether you cut a slice of a cucumber and apply it on the skin, or crush it and use it as cream.

However, there is no firm scientific evidence regarding this benefit from cucumber skin. But applying cucumber on the skin feels really good.

Sunburn Treatment & Home Remedies: How To Relieve

Vitamin E

A cream with a vitamin E base not only acts as an excellent moisturizer, but it also helps in curing sunburn. Vitamin E has burn-reducing properties.

If you want, you can use vitamin E based cream or oil. You can also apply them directly on your skin. Or you can also eat vitamin E capsules as a supplement.

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