Ten Of The Best Natural Cold And Flu Remedies

10 Of The Best Natural Cold And Flu Remedies

Viruses are responsible for cold and flu, so antibiotics are not able to cure or prevent these diseases. Plenty of rest, fluid, and home remedies can help relieve symptoms.

Symptoms Of Cold And Flu

  • Blocked sinus
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Body ache
  • Fever or chills

Home Remedies

Ten Of The Best Natural Cold And Flu Remedies


Studies show that zinc supplementation can help reduce the length of a cold and reduce symptoms. Experts believe that this is because zinc inhibits rhinovirus, the virus that causes the common cold. Is, by replication in the body.

People can take zinc in the form of tablets, lozenges or syrups, but the dosage advice should always be followed on the packaging. Too much zinc can cause nausea and abdominal pain. Zinc is available online and in pharmacies as a supplement or nasal spray. People may lose their sense of smell temporarily by using zinc nasal spray.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup may not be a cure, but it is a great option when you are sick. Research suggests that enjoying a bowl of chicken soup with vegetables, prepared from scratch or heated with a can, can slow the pace of neutrophils in your body.

A neutrophil is a common type of white blood cell. They help protect your body from infection. When they are moving slowly, they tend to be more concentrated in the areas of your body that require the most treatment.

The study found that chicken soups specifically reduce symptoms of upper respiratory infections Was effective for. Low sodium soup also has great nutritional value and helps keep you hydrated. This is a good choice, no matter how you are feeling.

Ten Of The Best Natural Cold And Flu Remedies


The health benefits of ginger root have been avoided for centuries, but now we have scientific proof of its beneficial properties. A few slices of raw ginger root in boiling water can help soothe a cough or sore throat.

Research suggests that it can also relieve feelings of nausea that often accompany influenza. For example, one study source found that just 1 gram of ginger “can reduce clinical nausea for various reasons.”


Honey has a variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Drinking honey in tea with lemon can reduce throat pain. Research suggests that honey is an effective phlegm suppressant.

In one study, researchers found that giving children 10 grams of honey at bedtime reduces the severity of their cough symptoms. Children are reportedly more sleepy, which also helps to reduce the symptoms of a cold.

You should never give honey to a child younger than 1 year, as it often contains botulinum spores. Although they are usually harmless to older children and adults, the immune systems of infants are not able to fight them.

Ten Of The Best Natural Cold And Flu Remedies


Garlic contains the compound allicin, which may have antimicrobial properties. Including garlic supplements in your diet can reduce the severity of cold symptoms. According to some researches, it can also help you to get sick at first. More research needs to be done on the potential cold-taking benefits of garlic.


Blocked sinuses and congested airways are common symptoms of a cold, which can help relieve menthol. Menthol comes from several types of mint plants. It has an anti-bacterial and pain-relieving effect and is an ingredient in many vapor rubs. People can also add menthol to hot water for steam inhalation.

Although a 2013 study found that menthol inhalation helped reduce cough due to environmental irritants, there is limited research on its effectiveness in clearing congested airways. Sources of other researchers found that menthol, eucalyptus, And vapor rubbing containing camphor has significantly improved sleep in children and adults with cold symptoms. However, researchers found that the risks could outweigh the benefits, as menthol can sting and irritate the skin.

Ten Of The Best Natural Cold And Flu Remedies

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in your body and has many health benefits. Along with lemons, oranges, grapes, leafy greens, and other fruits and vegetables, lemons are a good source of vitamin C. Adding fresh lemon juice to hot tea with honey can reduce phlegm when you are ill. Drinking hot or cold lemonade can also help.

While these drinks may not completely relieve your cold, they can help you get the vitamin C that your immune system needs. Getting enough vitamin C can provide relief from source upper respiratory tract infection and another disease.

Ten Of The Best Natural Cold And Flu Remedies

Vitamin D

Vitamin D-3 can be a useful supplement to prevent or alleviate cold. University students in research have found a link between vitamin D supplementation and a low frequency of colds.

People living in cold climates also One may find that a supplement increases their vitamin D levels during the winter months when their skin cannot be exposed to much sunlight.


Native Americans have used the Echinacea plant herb and root to treat infections for over 400 years. Its active ingredients include flavonoids, chemicals that have many therapeutic effects on the body. For example, flavonoids can boost your immune system and reduce inflammation.

Research on the effectiveness of the herb in fighting common cold and flu has been mixed. But one review suggests that this source has reported that taking echinacea may reduce the risk of the common cold increasing by more than 50 percent. It can also reduce the length of a cold.

If you are a healthy adult, consider taking 1 to 2 grams of echinacea root or herb as a tea, three times daily, for more than a week.

Ten Of The Best Natural Cold And Flu Remedies


Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria and yeast that are found in your body, certain foods, and supplements.

They can help keep your gut and immune system healthy, and research indicates that source probiotics can reduce the likelihood of getting sick with an upper respiratory infection. For a tasty and nutritious source of supportive bacteria, Include probiotic yogurt in your diet.

Apart from the potential benefits of your immune system, yogurt is a healthy snack that provides plenty of protein and calcium. Look for products that list bacteria on the label.

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